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If your plants are struggling and you are at a loss on how to get things back on track, we can help. We offer a one hour consulting service to help you start rehabbing your plants. 

    1 Hour Plant Consult

      • One visit to the plants location
      • Evaluation of the plants that are struggling. 
      • Tips on how to recover plants
      • Trimming & Propagation guidance
      • Consulting on water & fertilizer schedule
      • Help with repotting if needed
      • Help with pest treatment if needed

      *We can travel to the boundary that is shown on our delivery map. There is an added fee to travel outside our delivery boundary. Call to get a custom quote. You can also schedule a Facetime consult. 


      We also offer a 1 hour Facetime service if you prefer. 

    • After checkout we will reach out to schedule the 1 hour consult. 

      Please contact us if you have any questions


      Kelcey Jones-Indoor Plant Boutique Owner

      Phone: 509.431.4600


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