Wedding Photographer

Photography Policy

Dear Photographer,


We appreciate your interest in using McMurtrey’s Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm as a backdrop to your photos. Below is our photography policies. 


Candid Photography


Professional photographers are welcome to come with a family when we are open and, take candid pictures of an individual or family as they participate in the activities and pick their pumpkin or Christmas tree.


Photographers and clients would need to pay any entrance fees that are applicable.  We would expect these shots to be taken from various areas on the farm and to not monopolize any one area nor any of our photo spots nor need any props.  We would also expect these to be quick photos that would not take a lot of extra time in the field.


Photo Shoots and Mini Sessions


Photo or video shoots that involve more posed shots require more time in a single location will need to enter into a paid contract.  Multiple models, props, consecutive shoots and multi-family sessions are all indicators that a photographer may require a contractual agreement.  Request forms must be submitted ahead of time with the date and time. The request form can be found below the policy. Once you have received a confirmation email you can submit your contractual fee. 

Policies for Photo Shoots

  1. Please screen for Covid symptoms:  If you or clients are showing symptoms such as fever, cough, loss of taste and/or smell, body aches and fatigue, or other symptoms Please Stay Home.

  2. If we are closed please park by the small red selling shed. If the gate is locked you may park at the top in front of the barn.  You and clients may need to walk through the gate to the field with your props.

  3. Be aware there can be traffic during the day even when we are closed with cars and trucks coming and going and workers on the farm not accustomed to watching out for children.  Keep families and Children safe in the parking lot.

  4. Parents must keep their children close and do not let them wonder off.

  5. If there are no workers by the barn, you are also welcome to use the barn as a backdrop.

  6. Please stay off the equipment (tractor, wagon, trailers etc.). Some of the items are very dangerous and unstable.  You are welcome to be on the decorated wagon or use our props.  Please do not move anything.

  7. Please be respectful and mindful of other photographers that maybe around at the same time.



The fee schedule below indicates that we will allow photo shoots and mini sessions when we are open to the public.  Photographers will receive a bracelet with their payment and other participants must pay their entrance fee and wear their entrance bracelet.   We are also allowing photo sessions to be scheduled some of the days we are closed during October and November.  Photo shoots cannot be scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays of Christmas season.


Fee Schedule:

$25: Day Pass + Applicable Admission Fees

$150: Annual Pass +Applicable Admission Fees

Dates Unavailable: Nov 22nd, Nov 23rd, Nov 24th, Nov 25th, Nov 26th Nov 27th, Nov 28th, Dec 20th-Jan 1st. 

If you would like to schedule a photoshoot please fill out the form below

Photographer Registration Form

Step 1: Read the photographers policy, rules and regulations 

Step 2: Fill out contact information below