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Kelcey Jones, owner of the indoor plant boutique, specializes in designing beautiful interiors with plants and pottery.  Let her bring to life your very own indoor plant jungle. 


*Check out local Woodinville resturant "Lifted Taco" to see Kelcey's latest Interiorscape design!*

Interiorscape Design

  • Interiorscaping is “landscaping” an indoor space. Interiorscaping means more than bringing some green indoors; it calls for the thoughtful and purposeful placement of plants and pottery. 

    Whether you want a California palm scene, a deep Amazon jungle vibe, or an airy modern look we can make it happen. 

    Each plant has specific care needs to optimize their health. It can be overwhelming to find the right plants to match the vision you have in your head. We are here to help you uplift your space with plants that will thrive.  


    • Initial Meeting
      • Kelcey Jones, our designer, will schedule a 1 hour meeting to discuss the vision you have in mind and to show her your space. 
    • Design Concepts
      •  Kelcey will create 3 design concepts.
      • These concepts will keep in mind your budget, vision, & the practicality of your space. 
    • Final Design
      • Once the final design is choosen Kelcey will collect the plants and pottery.
    • Set-up
      • Kelcey will instal and place the plants in your space and set you up for success. 

    *This package includes one complimentary plant maintence service after the plants have been set up.*

    Please contact Kelcey Jones if you have any questions

    Phone: 509-431-5600



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